3 Things Atlanta Braves Fans Would Like To See in the Second Half This Season

It’s been a rough season for the former Goliath of the baseball world. Braves fans knew this would be one of the, potentially, many rebuilding seasons for the Atlanta squad. But for fans who saw the Braves dominate through the 90’s and early 2000’s, this team is still tough to watch. The team currently has the worst record in all of baseball, with a 33-62 mark after Wednesday’s match-up against Cincinnati, and is well on its way to a 100+ loss season for the first time since 1988. Nevertheless, here are three things the Braves fans can look forward  to in order ease ease the pain of a dismal season.

  1. Freddie Freeman Keeps on Swingin’

Freddie Freeman is a bright light at the end of the Atlanta tunnel and he has been all season. The Braves have held on to the 26 year-old first baseman despite all of the off-season trading and releases over the past 2 years. As far as Braves fans are concerned, Freddie is now the team’s franchise player. The Braves have struggled horrendously at the plate this season, but that hasn’t stopped Freddie from being, well, Freddie. According to espn.go.com, Freeman has hit a solid .274 with 17 homers this season and 35 RBI’s going into Wednesday. He has been by far the most consistent and reliable player at the plate for this Braves team. Atlanta fans want to see Freddie Freeman crush the ball because he’s the last of the team that once gave them a playoff push.


Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves


  1. Give Turner Field a Proper Farewell

It was a mere 19 years ago when the Braves first stepped onto the diamond at Turner Field against the Chicago Cubs in 1997 for the stadium’s inaugural game. As the Braves celebrate their final season in The Ted, maybe the team will do something that even the defending World Series champion Braves couldn’t do in the ’96 Series. And that is to win their last game in their old stadium. Don’t remember Braves fans? Game 5 of the 1996 World Series was the last time the Braves played in Atlanta Fulton County Stadium, and they lost to the New York Yankees 1-0. The old saying goes that history tends to repeat itself, but the Braves could look to change that history. With Suntrust Park being the new home of the Braves next year, the final game at Turner Field will be Sunday, October 2nd against the Detroit Tigers.



Turner Field Wikipedia.org

  1. There’s Nowhere To Go But Up, Right?

Very right. Kieth Law of ESPN Insider, at espn.go.com, has the Braves Farm system ranked at the very top of the entire Major League. With 4 of the top 50 prospects in their system receiving some of the highest of praise from the rest of the league, the future looks bright for the Braves. Does being at the bottom of the rankings help with that? Sure it does, but at the same time this ball club is about to open a brand new stadium that will draw in attendance, and breed a new era of Atlanta Braves baseball.



In conclusion, the Braves have finished their series against the Reds as of today and will now move on to a 4 game trip to Colorado to visit the Rockies. The team will be back at Turner Field to end the month of July against the Phillies, then it will be onto another August in Atlanta. Even though this season hasn’t been a promising one as far as the win column goes, Braves fans can rest easy knowing that there is a brighter future ahead for this franchise.


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