Howard Signs, Millsap Trade Talks Loom

With the arrival of Dwight Howard to Atlanta, Paul Millsap trade talks are now in the balance to free up cap space. Why would they need to free cap space? Atlanta has a vision of Howard and Horford down low. Where does this leave Paul Millsap? Many fans have thought of Millsap sliding to the small forward position to make room for Al and D12 down low. This simply will not work, Paul Millsap is a power forward and top 5 one at that. If Atlanta signs back Horford they will definitely need to trade Millsap who doesn’t deserve to take a backseat to anyone. Millsap is coming off his best year since entering the league and has established himself as a top power forward in the league. There have been reports Atlanta is in trade talks with the Pheonix Suns for Millsap. Atlanta should be looking for a big return if they send Millsap to Pheonix. Multiple picks or a big time young player like Devin Booker. We know one thing is for sure, Dwight Howard will be starting at center next year for the Hawks, but who will play the power forward position with him? Free agency is starting to heat up. We will see what the Hawks will do within the next couple of days, but one thing is for sure, they’re trying to make a splash.

hawks fans


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