Al Horford drawing interest around the NBA

Hawk’s center Al Horford is a hot commodity.

Well, in relative terms, anyway. He’s certainly not the blockbuster free agent that Kevin Durant is, but Horford has the eye of several teams around the NBA.

ESPN’s Marc Stein reports among the teams looking for Horford’s services include the Pistons, Magic, Lakers, Rockets, Celtics, Nets, and the Wizards.

The Celtics have long foreshadowed that they are interested in Horford, having had talks with the Hawks front office at last season’s trade deadline.


Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The hawks will have to fight to retain the all-star this off-season but should have the upper-hand in negotiations with the ability to offer Horford the 5-year max deal. This would guarantee him more money than any other team can offer.

While paying Horford a max-deal is not ideal, the Hawks must do something to retain one of its best talents and most marketable players.

Besides, maybe the front office feels that it can get more value with all of this interest near the trade deadline of the upcoming season.



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