Vic Beasley: Slump or Stud

The sophomore slide, a very known and very dreaded happening of second year players. Players will perform outstanding their rookie year and for some unknown reason drop off in their second year, will Vic Beasley suffer the same fate? My belief? not even a little bit. Beasley in his 2016 campaign, will be nothing short of a very productive 2nd season for the young Falcon.

Vic’s rookie season may have came as a disappointment for many falcons fans, as the pass rushing expert only had a pedestrian 4 sacks , 26 tackles, 2 forced fumbles and a INT. Playing all 16 games those are mediocre stats at best, but we have to remember that Beasley was a rookie last year and also admitted to playing with a torn shoulder muscle all season. Therefore while his numbers may have been what we all wanted, they aren’t all that bad considering his situation. So back to the burning question at stake, can Beasley outperform his 2015 season or will it be a dreaded  2nd year slump for him? My answer is not only no, but hell no.

2016 isn’t starting out how we all envisioned it would with Beasley , he’s now been moved to the SAM Linebacker position. This move has fans worried that he wont be rushing the passer anymore but instead covering Tight ends and helping set the edge in the run game. These thoughts simply wont happen. The Falcons have already addressed those fears by saying they have moved him to linebacker so that when he rushes the QB he will have more 1 on 1 matchups instead of double teams. The delayed blitz will also force a running back to try and block him, that of course is a major mismatch for the offense and will lead to a substantial increase of QB hits and sacks alike. They of course will drop him into coverage in nickel packages, Beasley proved that he can keep up with tight ends fairly well, which is great when you consider the falcons struggled to cover them last year.

So to wrap this all up. Beasley may have under performed the Atlanta fans expectations last year, but under no circumstance should you expect that to carry over into 2016. Most players suffer from the sophomore slide, but Beasley will easily break this  mold and have a phenomenal 2nd year. We can expect to see a double digit sack year from him and around 60 total tackles, and that ladies and gentleman, I am willing to go all in for.


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