New Looks Coming For The Falcons In 2016


Fans have been pushing for throwback uniforms or even black uniforms to return to the Atlanta Falcons. Fans might get their wish next year, in the final season of the Georgia Dome, the Falcons are rumored to bring back their retro throwback uniforms next season. Many fans would like to see the throwback uniforms next season versus the New Orleans Saints. That is a real possibility, fans have been pushing heavily ever since the 2012 season for throwback uniforms to return. The throwback uniforms show flash and pizazz that the fans love and it brings a real swagger to the team, especially versus the Rival Saints. Expect for Thomas Dimitroff, Arthur Blank, Rich McKay, and Dan Quinn to surprise fans and honor the Georgia Dome one last time.





color rush.jpg


We also saw the NFL introduce color rush jerseys last season which was a fan favorite. The color rush jerseys were introduced only for Thursday Night Football on CBS. The uniforms pop and are bright and colorful adding a unique style to each team for a primetime game. The Atlanta Falcons are rumored to be one of the teams to get color rush jerseys next year for their Thursday night game. What those jerseys will look like? We’re not sure. They could range from all red to all black.  Either way, it should be interesting to see how they look. The color rush jerseys will add excitement to an already exciting primetime game. Another question fans have, is if the Falcons will have completely new uniforms in 2017 for their inaugural season at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. It would be surprising to see the Falcons change up their uniforms in 2017 or their logo. It’s all speculation at this point but keep an eye out for any rumors of a uniform change or new look in 2017.



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