Kolby Allard Makes Minor League Debut

In 2015 the Atlanta Braves drafted LHP Kolby Allard with the 14th overall pick. According to Max Preps, Allard had a 1.32 ERA with 98 Ks in 63.2 IP. Coming into his senior year, Allard was a highly touted prospect out of San Clemente, California. Unfortunately, his senior year was cut short after he suffered a back injury. Surprisingly, this did not hurt Allard’s draft stock as much as you would think. Allard only dropped 4 spots due to the injury.

After signing with the Braves, Allard elected to have surgery to completely fix the injury and has been sidelined since. That was, until he made his first professional start with the Rome Braves on Monday. Allard is considered a huge part of the rebuilding process the Braves are currently going through. Whether or not he will pan out has yet to be seen, but it is hard to deny his talent.


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