The New Braves?

There are a lot of differences between the Braves under former manager Fredi Gonzalez and interim manager Brian Snitker. Since Brian Snitker has taken over the Atlanta Braves, things have seemed to go from really bad to just okay. The Braves are starting to win games. It also seems as if life has been breathed into the starting rotation as pitchers are becoming more consistent and going further into games. Hitters are also starting to hit with runners in scoring position, something they hadn’t done under Gonzalez. 

Snitker has coached 15 games. During the first 15 games under Gonzalez, the Braves allowed 5 runs per game, but in the last 15 games under Snitker, the Braves have only allowed 4 runs per game. On the other side of the ball, Gonzalez’s Braves scored 3.6 runs per game. So far under Snitker, the Braves are scoring 3.5 runs per game. The numbers look very similar, but by just watching the players, you can see the difference. It is as if the players actually want to be there now.

I’m not in any way saying the Braves season is saved. I’m also not saying that they are going to be a .500 team. But what I am saying is that the Braves will not be the worst team in the MLB when the regular season is said and done.


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