Atlanta’s Future: Who should we sign now that the draft is over? Atlanta Falcon’s Future: Edition Number One


Leon Hall has 26 Interceptions and 470 total tackles in his career. He’s also a hard hitting corner. He should fit the scheme if signed.


The Atlanta Falcons desperately needed to add a receiver to fill the whole that White and Hankerson failed to keep together. It was like watching every game and waiting for the seal to break on the Georgia Dome’s signature offense which was the face of the Falcons franchise for the past 5 years. With the new additions of Courtney Upshaw, Sean Weatherspoon, Keanu Neal, and Derrick Shelby. Don’t worry I didn’t forget Deion Jones or De’Vondre Campbell, but for future reference I d0 not see them making that much of an impact in our defense this season.


Dwight Freeney after sacking Joe Flacco (Seen Bottom Left)


These additions are starting to shift the gears of the franchise on it’s new focus. Defense. Or is it? I looked at the roster and STILL we are very talent lacking. I’m not one to be optimistic, but are we really expecting a 10 win season with this roster? When I saw the Falcons pass on Dwight Freeney I kinda just shook my fist in the air and vomited in disgust. Boykin also would have been a good rotational player or starter in the slot. The worst past is that we had the cap to sign BOTH Boykin and Freeney. It’s alright though because what does this mean? Hopefully this means a blockbuster trade because as of right now the Falcons have 8 million in cap space. If we cut Tyson Jackson (which would be preferable because should we really be paying him 4.75 Million to get no sacks and only 31 tackles? No we shouldn’t. SO CUT HIM) That would make 12 Million left for a potential Pro-Bowl Player Caliber kind of deal. We would probably have to throw in a second or first round pick, but if we want to win then we need to take the next leap to make it happen.


Brandon Boykin being the playmaker he is earned the title “Boyking”


Gosh I’m so sick of the Falcons front office not signing some real defensive talent. Is it just me though? I mean, everyone is still ticked because Keanu Neal was picked even though Ragland, Jack, and Smith we’re all passed up on. What does this mean? It means that Dimitroff better get his act together because if we don’t make it to the playoffs with this roster he’s out of here. If you think that’s the worst part to him then just look at this. Derrick Shelby was a rotational player in Miami. Yes he is good and yes I liked the signing, but is that all we can bring in? Rotational players? Why not sign Freeney for crying out loud! He had 8 sacks in 11 games. Twice as much then Vic Beasley who led the Falcons in sacks! God this season is either going to make or break my heart in half because I swear to god if Dimitroff thinks he can have his dick in his hand any longer then he’s certainly not the case anymore. Arthur Blank wants a championship, damn it! So do we! It just amazes me at how used to mediocrity Falcon’s fans are. Even after the disastrous season of 2012 people said we would bounce back and here we are, still without a Championship. Let alone a single playoff game.



Yes I am aware that this is from an IFunny Post, but it’s still worth considering the edit. All we gotta see now is Boldin in the Black and Red.


So I have some suggestions for you Dimitroff. There is a guy named Anquan Boldin who WANTS to play for a contender. Give him that chance to shine because I guarantee he has another two 60-70 catch seasons. I like what you are doing on the O-Line so I’ll leave that alone, but on the Defensive side of the ball. I’d like to see Boykin, Freeney, and Easley. If you don’t like Boykin then how about Leon Hall? That’s a significant game-changer right there. It also wouldn’t hurt to give AJ Hawk a tryout.


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  1. You should give credit on where you get your pictures.I actually know 2 of the photographers that took 2 of those pictures.


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