Present vs Future

The NBA offseason is by far the most exciting time in terms of all professional sports due to the fact that big name players move around every single year. Just because a team is blessed with a top-level talent one season means absolutely nothing, for his talents are not guaranteed for the upcoming year. The NBA has a revolving door for future talent that cannot be matched by any other league in the nation. Franchises are faced with heart-wrenching decisions every single year, and this year the Hawks are no exception.

News broke this year after the All-Star break that the Hawks were taking serious offers to ship out star point guard Jeff Teague.  Although those rumors eventually passed, that didn’t mean that the potential for a major trade did as well. Jeff Teague is only 28 years of age and still has plenty of good basketball ahead of him, so many fans are wondering why the Hawks front office is even entertaining offers from other teams.  The reason lies in the depth chart, and the reason’s name is Dennis Schroeder.

Schroeder is a 22-year-old stud who shows plenty of potential to become a franchise player, and the Hawks desperately need him in order to win it all in the years to come. Under contract through the 2018 season and set to make a little under 3 million dollars next season, opposed to Teague’s 8 million, the harsh reality that sets in is that his cheap play will not be around forever. The Hawks simply cannot afford to pay Schroeder what he is owed, and other teams around the league have the wallets and the cap space to compensate his pay substantially, thus the Hawks are put into an interesting predicament. Jeff Teague is still a top-10 point guard, and his trade stock is relatively high, giving the Hawks the perfect chance to get the most in return before it’s too late.

Although time will tell what the Hawks ultimately decide, it still strikes an interesting conversation amongst Hawks fans everywhere. Should they keep Teague or trade him? Squeeze out one more year with the both of them, or cash out now?  Go with the present success, or bet on the bright future ahead? All options present pros and cons, but ultimately the ball is in the Hawks’ court.

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