Atlanta to host Super Bowl 53

Every city with an NFL team wants to host the “big game,” and every city wants the fame and billions of dollars in revenue that come with hosting the game. As announced by the NFL yesterday, Atlanta will be receiving that fame and extra revenue in the near future.

In an eventful owners’ meeting yesterday, the NFL determined the host cities for Super Bowl LIII through Super Bowl LV. The schedule for the next five Super Bowl hosts are:

Super Bowl LI – Houston

Super Bowl LII – Minneapolis

Super Bowl LIII – Atlanta

Super Bowl LIV – South Florida

Super Bowl LV – Los Angeles


The Construction of Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Preparation for the 2017-2018 NFL Season (Mercedes-Benz Stadium Photos)

Atlanta has previously hosted Super Bowl XXXIV (1999-2000 season) and Super Bowl XXVIII (1993-1994 season), and both games were played in the then-new Georgia Dome. Super Bowl LIII will be the end to the 2018-2019 season, and it will be played in Mercedes-Benz Stadium, a soon-to-be modern temple of Atlanta Sports.

No team has ever played the Super Bowl on their home field, but with the Falcons on the rise, they have a chance to be the first team to do so.

Let us hear your opinion!

Do you think the Falcons will be a major contender by the 2018-2019 season? Why or why not?


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