Derby Day

Saturday was a much anticipated derby between arguably Georgia’s best NPSL soccer teams. The Atlanta Silverbacks versus the Georgia Revolution. In all honesty, this avid soccer fan was met with overwhelming disappointment.

With excited palms sweating, I entered the RYSA stadium in expectation of a flood of red, white, and blue. Was I? Unfortunately, no! A band of gorillas backed their Silverbacks in a manner that made me feel lost. What ever happened to home ground advantage? This was just the beginning.

When the game started both teams looked fierce and ready for war. However, the home team’s intensity slowly dissipated. With balls flying everywhere and players unable to make 5 complete passes, you could already hear sweat trickling down the cheeks of the home team. Was it nerves? Anxiety? Or fear? I could virtually hear the heartbeat of the brown-haired teen seated on my right. She was obviously a Revs supporter. Hopefully she didn’t place any bets that day.

image1(1)Photo cred: Dave Williamson photography

With all the combinations taking place, you’d think that Eagles of Conyers don’t even train. The Silverbacks made a NPSL opening match look like a recess time game of high school seniors against middle school juniors. Not only did they look superior on the field but their support was astounding. With teargas and drums playing in the background, the 12th man really brought down the self-belief of the “great” Georgia Revolution.

Some players on the bench looked on in shame as the team they’ve pledged allegiance to be demolished to oblivion. Some couldn’t even look on after the 2nd of 3 goals of the game was scored by Johanning. Their white faces looked paler than a white flag after World War II.

After topping the South Atlantic conference with a comfortable goal difference, one can only ask: Are the Silverbacks Georgia’s golden troop?



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