The sooner the Braves fire Fredi Gonzalez the better

With top prospects emerging to higher ranks the Braves need to rid themselves of Fredi Gonzalez. In the past few weeks Gonzalez’s seat has continually rose in temperature. Recently some people have come out with their support of him. Freddie Freeman and David O’Brien being the most prominent. They accuse the Braves of using Gonzales as a scapegoat because of the lack of success of this years team, but his lack of success with much more talented teams is what should bring him down.

No one can forget the epic collapse of September, 2011. While this may not be entirely on Gonzalez, one would think even an average manager could hold an 8.5 game lead with 23 games left to play. In the 2013 NLDS he made the infamous decision to not pitch Craig Kimbrel in the 8th inning of a one run game with two outs. Juan Uribe proceeded to hit a home run and crush the Brave’s hopes to reach the World Series in a year where with some luck they could’ve won it all. His mismanagement of virtually the same team in 2014 led us to the painful rebuild we are in now.

Our top prospects are closing in on the major league ranks. The Brave’s front office needs to ask themselves “do we really trust this man with our crop of top talent”? The answer to that question should be no. Mallex Smith had a bad first week and was benched for the likes of Drew Stubbs. Thankfully Mallex is back on track and didn’t have a hitch in his development due to this. But what happens if Ozhaino Albies, one of the top prospects in baseball, has a few bad games? Will he end up on the bench? I don’t think we should take the risk of leaving our future’s development in Fredi Gonzalez’s hands. He has already ruined our present. Why leave our future in his hands?



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