Can The Hawks Get This Must Win In Game 3?

To have a chance at not being swept this series against the Cavs, the Hawks must win game 3 tonight. 

Tonight the Hawks take on the Cavaliers for game 3 in Philips Arena. Tip off it at 7pm. 

After two unbearable losses in Clevland, one of which the Hawks never took the lead, it will be tough for them to regroup and win this one. In game 2, the Cavs hit an NBA record of most 3-pointers in both regular and post season games, with 25 3’s. LeBron had 27 points and scored 4 threes for the Cavs, while Love was the defense  player of the game with 13 rebounds. Clevland also had a good number of bench points. 

So, can the Hawks win tonight to make a series out this?

The Hawks need to do some serious regrouping to be able to come out tonight and get ahead of James and the Cavs. Millsap must continue on both his offensive and defensive grind, getting points and boards. Atlanta needs Horford and Korver to step up their shooting tonight, Kyle from the 3-point line and Al from the inside getting easy lay ups. The defensive must be energized and punctual the whole game to eliminate Cleveland getting any big lead. 

Keys to this must win game 3:

1) Millsap needs to continue his leadership with strong numbers offensively and defensively. 

2) Korver and Horford need to show up offensively to make an impact in the series. 

3) The whole team must come out to play defense that is punctual and clean. 

4) They must be able to find the easy shot within the paint on EVERY drive. 

5) And finally.. The Hawks need the True Believers tonight to show up and be loud. 


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