Cavs defeat Hawks in Game 1

imageThe Hawks have now lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers eight straight times. The most recent one was Monday night losing 104-93 at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Hawks went into halftime being down by a score of 51-41 by being down by as much as 13 in the first half. Guard Dennis Schroder had 12 and fellow Guard Kent  Bazemore had 11 first-half points. While the Hawks big playmakers Al Horford and Kyle Korver had 0 points the whole first half.

The Hawks came back on a 18 point deficit to the Cavs in the second half but still was unable to get it done. The mighty Lebron James leading the Cavaliers scoring by accumulating 25 points with also help from Guard Kyrie Irving getting 21 points and Tristian Thompson grabbing 14 rebounds.

The Hawks down by a score of 72-54 in the third quarter but luckily the Hawks went on a 26-7 run in third quarter to cut the deficit by four making the score 74-70 going into the final quarter. In the fourth quarter it didn’t stop, getting 10 offensive points in a row and a Al Horford bucket giving the Hawks a 80-79 lead with 8:00 remaining before regulation.

The Hawks went cold not scoring a bucket for little under 3 minutes that helped gear the Cavs to get a 10-0 run and having a 97-86 lead late in the fourth quarter. The Hawks wasting 3 straight possessions and a Lebron 3 pointer effectively ended the game giving the Cavs a 95-88 lead with all the momentum.

The Hawks have lost the Cavs in two past Eastern Conference Playoff Appearances one in 2015 also in 2009. They also lost to Cleveland in all of the regular season games this year.

Myself, I’ve got to be a lot better. I missed a ton of bunnies, turnover, inadvertent foul on Kevin Love in the corner. It’s growing pains. … We’ll be back.” Said Atlanta Hawks Guard Kent Bazemore.

The Hawks play the Cavs on Wendsday night in Cleveland at 8:00 pm ET on TNT.


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