Hawks vs. Cavaliers – Game 1 Preview



Dennis Schröder (17) drives on Kyrie Irving (2) during the 2014-15 Eastern Conference Championship. (Credit: Kevin C. Cox, Getty Images)

After winning their first round series of the Eastern Conference playoffs, the Atlanta Hawks look ahead at facing Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Hawks won the series against the Boston Celtics Thursday night. The last time the Hawks won a playoff game in Boston was in 1958 when they were the St. Louis Hawks. Fun fact: The Hawks won the series 4-2, just like they did this year. The Hawks also won the NBA Championship that year.

During their series versus Boston, Atlanta showed persistence and never backed down, even in the games that they lost. Last year’s playoffs were the complete opposite when they faced Cleveland. The Hawks were swept 4 games to none by the Cavs during last season’s Eastern Conference Playoffs. Atlanta looks ahead for some well overdue payback. During the regular season this year, the Hawks went 0-3 versus the defending Eastern Conference champs. This is not a great way to enter into Monday night’s game, but it should motivate the already hot Hawks. Atlanta needs to stay hot to have a good chance at defeating the Cavs and to move into the Eastern Conference Championship for the second consecutive year.

Game 1 vs. Cleveland will air Monday (5/2) @ 7 PM on TNT – Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio



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