Hawks Beat Boston and take game 5


Photo Credit: http://www.nba.com

The Atlanta Hawks did a huge turnaround and caught fire. The Hawks doing mediocre shooting from the floor this whole series, finally started hitting the bottom of the net in the second quarter and just kept going. The Hawks got the win at home on a 110-83 blow in game 5 to take a 3-2 lead in the series.

Luckily for the Hawks they had five shooters that had double figures. No surprise who was leading the pack in scoring was guard, Jeff Teauge accumulating 16 points. The Hawks defense shut down leading scorer in this NBA playoffs Isaiah Thomas to just 7 points. Then Boston guard Isaiah Thomas suffered what seemed to be a mid-ankle injury in the fourth quarter.

The Hawks were doing normal things in the first quarter only getting 15 points , as the Celtics had a 5 point lead going into the second quarter and then the Hawks caught fire. The Hawks hit six shots beyond the arch to take a 47-39 lead heading into halftime.

Then their was no hope for the Celtics as the Hawks outscored the Celtics 42-23 in the third quarter gaining a 26 point lead heading into the final quarter. In the last quarter of the game the Hawks coasted into a 27 point victory over the Boston Celtics.

The Hawks will have a chance to sweep the Celtics on Thursday, 8 pm ET on TNT.


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