I’m Calling You Out, “Braves’ Fans”

I was sitting in bed yesterday, as I watched the Braves lose a close game against the Red Sox, when I received a text from my friend Hayden. In the text, he asked what my thoughts are on the disloyalty of Braves fans. This question intrigued me, and I thought I would address it within my professional domain.

For the longest time, Braves’ fans in general have been seen as fair weather fans. And after what I’ve seen lately, I can’t help but agree. But this deeper than just the Braves, the same goes for the Falcons and Hawks. I’m not gonna lie, it is hard to watch my favorite team lose game, after game, after game. But, I would much rather watch my team lose 162 games (the amount of games in an MLB season) than to turn my back on my childhood team. So here I am Atlanta fans, I AM CALLING YOU OUT. Stop being fair weather fans. Stop trash talking your team because they aren’t doing well. Go out and support them and stop being children. I do not care if you get angry at me, write mean things in the comments, or never read my articles again. I am a die hard Braves’ fans, and I will do anything to show support to my team.

Sidenote: I would like to thank my colleague/ friend Brandon for the amazing picture above!



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