Hawks vs. Celtics -Game 3 Recap


(Celtics) Isaiah Thomas takes a jump shot over (Hawks) Paul Millsap during Game 3 in TD Garden, Boston, MA. (Credit: Brian Babineau)

Leading the series 2-0, the Atlanta Hawks traveled to Boston, MA, for Game 3, Round 1 of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. In the first quarter, the Hawks led ONE time by a score of 4-3. Throughout almost the entire span of the game, the Hawks were playing a game of “catch-up” with the Celtics. Isaiah Thomas of the Boston Celtics carried the team by scoring 42 points on the porous defense of the Hawks.

The reoccurring theme during Game 3 was flagrant fouls. Lots of steam was obviously building up between the two Eastern Conference teams as the referees kept heading over to the monitor to review the play. Back to back flagrant fouls were called on Jared Sullinger of the Celtics and Paul Millsap of the Hawks. Later, after a face-to-face confrontation, Dennis Schröder and Isaiah Thomas received double technical fouls. The tempers of both teams flared throughout the remainder of the game.

Atlanta overcame a 20 point deficit and finally pulled into the lead with 9:29 left in the fourth quarter. It was during this time that both teams’ 3-point shooting went off. Atlanta just couldn’t quite push from a tie to the lead as the Celtics gained command during the closing minutes.

The Celtics defeated the Hawks by a score of 111-103. The Hawks still lead the series 2-1 but are desperate for a Game 4 win Sunday evening. A win on Sunday will allow the Hawks a chance to win the series 4-1 at home Tuesday, April 26th. Game 4 will air on CSNE, TNT, FSSE – Sunday (4/24) @ 6:00 PM – TD Garden, Boston, MA.


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