Braves might file a complain to the union about the condition of Turner Field’s infield

The Braves are unhappy about the conditions of the infield at Turner Field. Players might contact the players’ union to see if they can make the club make improvements, a source with the Braves told ESPN this.

The source on the team said since the team is getting a new stadium in Cobb County, Georgia then the field won’t be in bad condition. The problem in Turner Field was that there are uneven grass and uncertain areas where the turf meets the infield dirt.\

After the first two games when the Dodgers played the Braves, they even agreed that the field is in bad condition.

The Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said, “This is a tough infield. You look at Dodger Stadium  versus this field, and this field, the guys talk about it around the league that it is not the best infield as far as playing.”

The Braves new field, SunTrust Park, will open in 2017, so once that happens, we will have no more complaints. Are you excited for the Braves new park in Cobb? Sun Trust


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