Braves on a Hot Streak

Coming into the season, ESPN (the sports station run by haters of all Atlanta Sports) ranked the Braves as the worst team in the major leagues. And, after watching the Braves fall flat on their faces during the first 9 games, I kinda believed them. Last Friday I was about to call the Braves season. As many of you know, the Braves nearly tied the franchise record for the worst start to a season. Then, the Braves went to Miami. Since then the Braves have been on a little hot streak and are currently in control of a four game winning streak. Let’s look at some numbers.

During the first 9 games, the Braves scored a total of 24 runs, which averaged out to be a little less than 3 a game. But, while on their four game winning streak the Braves have scored 26 runs! Meaning that the Braves are currently scoring about 6.5 runs per game, a major improvement from the disastrous start to the season. The starting pitching is also beginning to show signs of life as they are no longer blowing leads like they had in the first 2 weeks.


The Braves attempt to continue their hot streak as Julio Tehran takes the mound against rookie sensation, Ross Strippling. So, Braves’ fans, let’s get behind our hometown team. We are not a bandwagon nation. We are not fair weather fans. We, are Braves fans. We show up and show out for our team. This is why we chop.


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