Hawks vs. Celtics: Recap

The Celtics came out listless in attempt to take down the Hawks in game 2.

The Hawks came out on fire for game two of their series against the Celtics. The Hawks only allowed Boston seven points in the first quarter, which is now the NBA record for fewest first quarter points in playoff history. Celtics Avery Bradley who was injured last game and is said to be out for the rest of the series, seemed to be a big loss in tonight’s game due to their minimal shooting. Kyle Korver who has been struggling a lot of this year came out tonight as the Hawks leading scorer with 15 points in the first half and five three pointers in just the first quarter.

The Hawks continued to prove themselves with an 11 point lead going into the half, the score being 43-28.Kent Bazemore showed himself as the work horse yet again with 9 rebounds, 4 assists, and 5 points. The Hawks bench was present tonight as well with five bench player showing on the scoreboard at least once. Meaning, almost everyone was beneficial tonight!

Now the Hawks did not keep up record breaking leads all night, as their offense slowed. Yet the defense NEVER let up till the end. They only allowed 28 points in the first half, which was huge for strong momentum coming into the second half. And keep up the momentum they did. The Hawks leading scorers were Horford and Korver with 17 each. Teague had 13 points and 6 assists. The team really came together and everyone played a part in this big victory.

With the Hawks shooting only 39%, they defensively (15 blocked shots) came out with a huge win over the Celetics 89-72.


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