Celtics Avery Bradley Unlikely to Return for Rest of Series

Nearing the end of the Hawks first playoff game against the Celtics, one of Bostons pivotal players, Avery Bradley went down in the fourth quarter. As Jeff Teague went up for a layup with seven minutes left in the game, Bradley attempted to defend the shot only to  land awkwardly on his leg and fall to the ground. He was not able to get himself off the court, so the Celtics medical staff came to assist, as he was then helped off the court and into the locker room. Yet, he still finished as Bostons second leading scorer with 18 points last night.

During  a post game interview Bradly was very optimistic about the injury, saying he would hopefully be able to play in their next game, which is on Tuesday. But this morning Celtics head coach, Brad Stevens, announced Bradly is very unlikely for the rest of the series against the Hawks. After further evaluation last night and an MRI this morning, it appears Bradley has suffered a severely strained hamstring injury.

So what does this mean for the Hawks in the remainder of the series?

This could be a big advantage for the Hawks if Bradley continues to sit through the rest of the series. He averages 15.1 points per game and week after week is continuously Bostons second best scorer. This will definitely benefit the Hawks as they continue on in the series, after winning in a close one last night against the Celtics, 102-101.

The second game of round one against the Celtics is on Tuesday, April 19th. Tip off is at 7pm.




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