Atlanta United Focused on Enhancing Youth Academy 

For the past few months, Atlanta United has been working hard to develop a strong youth academy. Although many soccer fans are not aware of youth academies, they have been an integral part of soccer clubs worldwide for the past few decades. They are especially important for young clubs like Atlanta United. Since Atlanta United is slated to join the MLS in just one year, the club has been trying to find someone who can help develop future players. Two days ago, they made a huge breakthrough when president Darren Eales announced that the club has hired Richard Money. Money has had experience developing players in numerous English Premier League Clubs including Aston Villa and Newcastle United. Money’s experience will prove to be extremely valuable to the long-term future of Atlanta United. It is difficult to deny that Atlanta United is heading in the right direction, and this hire makes it even more difficult. With various stints in the most prestigious league in the world and a highly distinguished reputation, Money should be regarded with high esteem. I, for one, have full confidence in his abilities to develop young talent and help young players reach their maximum potential. 

What is your opinion on this hire? Did Eales make the right decision? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section! 


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