Is Fredi Gonzalez’s Job In Danger?

In a recent Q&A with John Coppolella, a reporter asked Coppolella “Is manager Fredi Gonzalez’s job in danger if this losing continues?” Coppy responded by saying, “We care about Fredi, and we all hope we can turn things around and start winning games. That will take pressure off everybody.” So, to basically sum this up, he said yes, if we don’t start winning, Fredi’s gone. I have mixed feelings. Yes, during a 9 game losing streak to start the season (At the time of this article), it is very easy to point fingers at him and say to fire him. However, you have to look at what little talent he’s been given, especially in the bullpen. It seems like he just can’t go right with whoever he picks to come out of the ‘pen. They’ve all struggled this season, including Jason Grilli and Arodys Vizcaino. And the lack of talent continues onto the field as well. I mean, we aren’t exactly running a playoff team out there. With Olivera now arrested, and presumably our best player before his injury in Ender Inciarte out for a few weeks, it seems like the only getting things done in the lineup in Nick Markakis and he batted lead off for Friday’s series opener against the Marlins. And besides, who are we going to bring in if he does get fired? We all want Chipper to coach, but we all know he doesn’t want to. So, we’ll see what eventually happens to Fredi but I really hope he stays. Besides, “You gotta tip your cap to those record keepers out there, they really do a fantastic job.” (Fredi G joke :).)

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Miami Marlins



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