Hawks owner, Tony Ressler, has big plans for the hawks

Tony Ressler has some big plans for the whole Hawks program. He has plans for the team, Phillips Arena, and even downtown Atlanta.

Here is a list of his biggest plans he has.

  1. Win more 

The Hawks are doing great so far especially since they’re going to the Eastern Conference finals.

“We knew when we bought the Hawks, we knew we had great players, and we knew we had a great coach, and we knew we had great senior management,” Ressler said. “We knew we had dedicated employees. Not just to keep winning, but really to build that winning culture. It’s the most important thing you can do in sports franchise to create loyalty is to keep winning.”

2. Make facilities better

Last week, the team announced that they have plans for a $50-plus million practice facility with their partnership with Emory.

“The NBA is a really competitive place,” he said. “To ask your players, your coaches, your conditioning staff to compete with lesser facilities, you are just making an incredibly hard job more difficult…We don’t want to look up to anybody.”

3. Create community partnerships

So far the Hawks have created a couple neighborhood basketball courts.

“We knew we were buying a community asset,” Tony said. “This is a private/public partnership in the true sense of the word…Building that community partnership, I would argue, for great franchise is not important, it’s critical.”hawks courts

Photo by Terry Shropshire for Atlanta Daily World and Real Times Media.


4. Improve fan experience

When the Hawks renovate Phillips arena the fan experience will go up because things will be awesome, and who doesn’t like awesome?

“We have to collaborate with the city to make the arena more fan friendly, a better experience for all of your fans,”

5. Be more apart of the downtown vibrancy

There are always a lot of events at Phillips Arena not including basketball games but including concerts, shows and meetings, which people from downtown often come to. Tony said the team would like to show their momentum to the new Mercedes-Benz stadium coming in 2017 and attractions and development around Centennial Olympic Park.

“It’s an extraordinary city,” Ressler said. “Maybe better, deeper, wider from a business perspective than we might have hoped for with the number of companies, the amount of success, the diversity….This is far too extraordinary a city to have a downtown that isn’t much more vibrant. Our hope, our objective and certainly the vision that we hope to bring is how do we be a meaningful participant in moving that forward. Really transforming what this downtown area could and should be.”Mercedez benz satdium.jpg

What are some changes you would like to see for the future?


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