Could the Falcons Wear All-Red Uniforms Next Season?

Last season, many NFL fans became familiar with the “color rush” uniforms that were featured during Thursday night games. The Falcons have a good chance to receive a Thursday night slot in 2016, considering that they did not get one in 2015. When the question was brought to the attention of Falcons CEO Rick McKay, he stated that all-red uniforms would be “unique and different for sure.” He even admitted that he has a replica of the uniform in his office, which implies that there is a serious possibility that it will be introduced next season. “Color rush” uniforms had a rather ambivalent reception last season, and it will likely be a divisive issue among Falcons fans. Undoubtedly, some will argue that the uniforms are too flashy, while others will view them as modern and stylish. I personally believe that there is no harm in changing things up a bit, especially because it seems like the Falcons have been relectant to bring out alternate uniforms in recent seasons. If the Falcons are trying to create a new image for themselves, the all-red uniforms would serve as a stepping stone to help them achieve that goal. 

What is your opinion on the possibility of all-red “color rush” uniforms? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section! 




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