Ronaldinho to Atlanta United? 

Ronaldinho, the widely known Brazilian soccer star, is a legend in the eyes of many soccer fans. Some would even argue that he was the best soccer player in the world at one point. Given recent reports that Ronaldinho is interested in finishing his career with an MLS team, many Atlanta United fans are becoming increasingly excited. While Ronaldinho would definitely seem like a great addition to almost all fans, there is some deeper digging that should be done. Ronaldinho has lost a vast amount of his talent in recent years, and he is only going to more and more as the years drag on. He is thirty-six years old, so hopes for a possible resurgence have already dwindled. Although signing Ronaldinho would be fun actually feasible (and a masterful marketing move), it would be best for Atlanta United to stay away. As a young club, they should focus their attention on signing players who are in their prime or (better yet) players who have yet to reach their prime. It is difficult to deny that Atlanta United has a profusion of potential, and it would be a hindrance to sign a player who does not not contribute to that potential.

What is your opinion on this potential signing? Is Ronaldinho worth it? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section!  




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