Hawks Roll Past Pistons

What a night for a Hawks team that has been rolling as of late. The Pistons could offer up nothing that could even slow down the Hawks. With a final score of 112-95 it is safe to say that the Hawks handled business at home yet again.

Eight Hawks scored in double figures. Paul Millsap led the scoring with 23 points and Bazemore with the second highest total at a cool 17 points. A strong outing from Jeff Teague as well tonight with 12 points and 12 assists. This is the Hawks team that needs to show up in the playoffs. When you have eight players scoring in double digits it is hard to stop. It is even harder to stop when those eight players are from different positions with the ability to score in every way possible.

After such a promising performance tonight, lets hope that this is the same Hawks team that shows up when they travel to Chicago on March 28th. If the Hawks play like this for the remainder of the 2016 season and into the playoffs the Cavs should be shaking in their shoes.


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