Falcons free agent target James Laurinaitis signs with Saints

Since the Falcons are trying to approach the Linebacker Guys right now, we are probably very curious about who they’re going to get. So far they’ve gotten Paul Worrilow, signed Sean Weatherspoon, and has recently lost Nate Stupar to the Saints.

Yesterday, James Laurinaitis signed with the New Orleans Saints.

So who do the Falcons need now? There is a lot of players right now, but here is a list of quality players the Falcons could try to sign.

Mike Neal: He might not be a free agent for very long, just because the Packers would be dumb to let him walk. They drafted him in 2010 and he’s tried to stay healthy since the draft. Despite the injury, he’s made four sacks every year he’s been in the NFL since 2012. He plays as an outside linebacker for the Packers, but he’d be better off as a defensive end.


Jeff Hanisch/ USA TODAY Sports


Curtis Lofton: Since the Raiders just cut Lofton, a lot of teams are going to try and get him. It almost might be a miracle if the Falcons got him. But, you never know.

Donald Butler: the San Diego Chargers have recently cut him because he was making too much money. 2014 and 2015 were not his best seasons, though, but he’s still pretty young. The Falcons are always looking for young players, so if he can recover his 2013 skills, he would be a great fit for the team.

Bruce Carter: Since the Buccaneers recently released him, a flexible linebacker who could probably play both ILB and OLB, he would be an outstanding player to watch.

Karlos Dansby: He was just recently cut by the Cleveland Browns yesterday. He was set to make $5 million a year for the next two years, but now with his unemployment, he might make a little less than that. Not that tackles are any sign of skills, but he led the Browns last season.Karlos+Dansby+mdsohyLAjeym


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