Hawks Release New Court Design After Other Changes


After releasing their new uniforms earlier this year, the Hawks have finally released what many have been waiting for, the all new, redesigned court. Many were shocked as the Hawks have completely rebranded, going with a whole new look. New logo, new uniforms, and now a new court. The Hawks are now fully equipped to take on the upcoming season as one of the slickest teams in the league. The new court design is pictured above. The court features a thick black outline, with the new Hawks pattern, and on both ends of the floor “Atlanta Hawks” is printed in a bold yellow. The middle of the court is the same, with the Hawks’ Pacman logo, however there is a change to the free throw line. It also now has the new triangle pattern originally themed in the new uniforms. Below is a look at the previous court, just so you can visually see the changes.


The first edition to the Hawks rebranding was the logo. They realeased a new primary and secondary logo, and then announced they would later realease all new uniforms for the upcoming season. Below is a look at the new logos, with the top being the primary and the bottom the secondary.


The Hawks introduced some flashy new uniforms, including brand new home, away, and alternate combos, featuring the new triangle pattern, and the new Hawks colors, red, black, white, and a yellow-green. Pictured below is a look at Atlanta’s new uniforms.



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