The Short Guys Always Cause Problems!


The Hawks have a problem to figure out. They have three talented point guards and need to find minutes for all of them, or get rid of them. Here are the scenarios for Shelvin Mack, Dennis Schroder, and Jeff Teague.

Shevin Mack-


Shelvin is reaching the “respected veteran” stage of his career. In his first two years in
Atlanta, he was a key part in our offensive scheme and helped the team in many ways. He is not extremely gifted in any category, but he always does the right play. However, with the development of Dennis Schroder, and Kent Bazemore proving that he can handle the ball, Mack lost a great amount of minutes. He went from being the first man off of the bench to a 3rd string point guard who got in only when a game was out of hand. Trading him would ease up tension at the point, clear rotation and roster space, and potentially help us gain cash or draft picks. He is only 25, and entering his prime, many teams could use a man like him. He can contribute for almost any team, and it is very likely that he will be playing under a different jersey next year. If he stays and either Teague or Schroder are traded, then he would regain his role as one of the most important players on the team.

Dennis Schroder-

Brooklyn, New York  12/05/14 Atlanta Hawks guard Dennis Schroder #17 dunks the ball during the fourth quarter. The Atlanta Hawks defeated the Brooklyn Nets 98-75 in an NBA basketball game on December 5, 2014.  (Paul J. Bereswill)

“Dennis the Menace” has become quite the player. He averaged 10 points and 4 assists in about 20 minutes per game last year. He got better in every way possible, making himself a lethal penetrator and a respectable shooter. It is still a curious case as to how he did not even gain consideration for the NBA’s Most Improved Player award last season. Here are his splits:

2013–14 Atlanta 49 0 13.1 .383 .238 .674 1.2 1.9 .3 .0 3.7
2014–15 Atlanta 77 10 19.7 .427 .351 .827 2.1 4.1 .6 .1 10.0
Career 126 10 17.1 .417 .326 .797 1.8 3.3 .5 .0 7.5

If made a starter, Schroder has the potential to be a superstar in this league. The kid is only 21! Think about it this way- once his current contract is over, he could sign a long-term deal. Once the long-term contract his over. He would still be in his mid-20’s! He is probably the best investment for the Hawks. He could be the face of the franchise. The chances of Dennis Schroder being traded is EXTREMELY unlikely.

Jeff Teague-


picture via @kronosgfx

Jeff is the big piece to this point guard puzzle. Starting out his career as a bench warmer, he worked his way up and earned a starting spot. Considered one of the most athletic point guards in the league, Teague made his first (of many?) All-Star appearances last season. He has been a Hawk for his entire career and has strived under the lights, and seems to constantly So, what to do with Jeffrey? If we keep him, he will be productive for the next 2 years of his contract, where he will rack up $16 million. His future after that is uncertain. With Schroder’s potential, he will likely bolt out of Atlanta. It may be in the team’s best interest to trade away Mr. Teague to open the window for Dennis Schroder and clear some room, and maybe even receive quality players in return. Do not forget that there are teams that have showed strong interest in the past for Jeff Teague.


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