The Braves in the Future?

After this past offseason left Atlanta fans scratching their heads over some of the transactions made. Like the departure of Jason Heyward and the Upton Brothers…but Braves fans shouldn’t be too worried about the upcoming offseason


With a stunning first baseman like Freddie Freeman (25), with his height and ability to hit with power. One would expect a massive contract. Freddie Freeman is signed for 8 years for a 135 million dollars! With Freeman hitting for .284 with 14 home runs , take into consideration he was on the DL for a little longer than expected and is now back onto the DL. Braves fans should not have any worry about Freddie Freeman’s departure from Atlanta.

Only few players on the Major League level can dominate the short stop position like Andrelton Simmons(25). With his cat like reflexes earning him the nick name “Simba”. His ability to make stunning plays and continuously make jaw dropping performances earns him a healthy contract worth 58 million for 7 years. With Andrelton Simmons batting .254 with 30 RBI’s . Fans would love to see Andrelton stay but I think he will depart sometime in the next couple years to a team in dyer need of a short stop.

With the ability to deliver a nasty curveball that twists the batter in knots all comes with Julio Tehran(24). Julio has gained all Braves fanslove with his kind attitude and humble appearance. Julio is signed for 6 years for 32.4 million. With a 113 strikeouts and 131 innings pitched. Julio can either stay a Brave or he could be a useful player to use in a blockbuster trade.

After Chipper Jones’s rein at 3rd base came to an end Chris Johnson (30)had to fill the shoes of a legend. After being signed for a healthy contract of 23.5 million for 3 years , but after the Braves acquired Juan Uribe from the Dodgers, Chris did not receive theplaying time he wanted so he made it known that he wanted to be traded. He could possibly be dealt in the offseason or he may regain his spot as a starter next season.

With all Braves fans hoping for a peaceful offseason and the deadline past we can finally relax and enjoy baseball


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