Sneak-peak at new roof

imageWith the new stadium inching towards its completion in 2016. We got a sneak peek of the roof and the unique and complex architectural designs of it. Made with a series of metal supports and beams that are layer with glass to illuminate the playing fi eld.
With United FC coming to Atlanta , we can lookforward to a new and improved stadium to watch Football and Soccer. This should draw a variety of fans to the surrounding venues and stores making Atlanta a bigger and more profitable city,
with a sport being played year round.
Bill Darden said , “It benefits everyone , Architects see how they designed it , the builders see it come together , and the Falcons get to see the result and how it will look”. With 2017 nearing Falcons fans are ready to watch football in a new state of the art stadium.


3 responses to “Sneak-peak at new roof

  1. Great concept. Ton of grammatical errors with your stories. Each story needs to be proofing before it’s released so you guys can be taken seriously as a blog/sports content page.


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