Chris Johnson made a horrible play and should be benched for it

In a crucial time in Atlanta’s 8-3 loss to the Giants Chris Johnson made the most Chris Johnson play ever. With one out and the bases loaded in the 6th inning of a one run ball game Hunter Pence hit a ground ball to Johnson who in turn stepped on the bag and jogged torward the dugout. The only problem was there was only one out and a double play could’ve ended the inning. Well there’s three outs in baseball Chris!

Thankfully after a run scored Shelby Miller retired the next batter to limit  the damage. “I screwed up. Stupid mental error” Johnson said after the game Tuesday. In the big picture this didn’t necessarily hurt the Braves since the bullpen let the game blow open after Miller’s departure.

Shortly after the play the camera shifted over to Fredi Gonzalez and we all knew what he was think. Gonzalez may have backed Johnson in the post game interview though. “It was a hard double play anyway. There is no excuse for not knowing how many outs, but everyone has mental lapses.

The Braves only other option at first base with Freeman on the disabled list is Joey Terdoslavich who was recently called up from Triple A. With lefty Bumgarner on the hill Johnson will likely be at first base again tonight.

I was taught one of the biggest mistakes you can make on a baseball field is not knowing how many outs there are. Those kind of plays would get you benched growing up but what happens when a major leaguer does it?


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