Three Falcons Players Recieve High Rankings in Madden 16

The Atlanta Falcons received more attention this year as three key players to the team had very high rankings in Madden 16. The three players who had remarkable rankings were Vic Beasley, Matt Bryant, and Julio Jones.

Starting off with Vic Beasley! You may ask yourself, Beasley is a rookie, how can he be one of the top OLB/DE if he hasn’t proven he’s the best yet? Beasley was ranked 10th in all rookies and was given a 77 overall. Beasley was among the highest of rated rookies in Madden, and Falcons fans surely hope that he lives up to all the hype and gets his 77 ranking up to possibly the mid-80’s. Beasley is a great talent and I am excited to see what he will do for us!

Matt Bryant is an excellent kicker! In my opinion he is the best in the league, last season, he was 100% from all conversion inside 50 yards! Good news is, Madden thought he was one of the league’s best as well and placed him at #4. Bryant was rated as 91 overall, and placed in front of him where; Justin Tucker, Stephen Gostkowski, and Dan Bailey. Bryant was also tied with San Francisco’s kicker Phil Dawson.

Last but certainly not least, Julio Jones! Julio had and amazing season last year, not only was he rated 13 for NFL’s top 100, but he broke a franchise record with 1,593 receiving yards. Since Jones came into this league he has proven that he belongs!  Jones was ranked #4 and was given a 94 overall.  The three WR’s in front of Jones were, Antonio Brown, Dez Bryant, and Calvin Johnson. Julio was also tied with last year’s ROY, Odell Beckham Jr. These WR rankings in my opinion are very accurate and I am excited to see what the Falcons will bring next season. Hopefully, we can get more players on the top 5 list! 



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