Should Tevin Coleman Be Worried About His Starting Spot?

Today, July 31, is the beginning of training camp for the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons look to have a successful year, and they also look to break their 2 season non-attending playoff streak. Earlier today, the Atlanta Falcons twitter said ” Falcons are starting 11-on-11 and Devonta Freeman gets the first carry.” If Freeman is starting to get first team reps, should Coleman be nervous? After he was drafted, Coleman named himself the starting RB for Atlanta. When Coleman came to Atlanta, I was almost certain he was going to start for us, but I feel it could be one of the two things. Freeman felt the pressure and stepped up, or Coleman didn’t exceed the expectations. I can make all the assumptions I want, but I know Dan Quinn will do what is best for the team and choose the best RB. It may just come down to, Freeman has experience in the league and Coleman doesn’t, but there can always be a change in pre-season. It is hard to predict who will be the starting RB for someone who is not up close and in person to evaluate the players. Honestly, I will be happy if either player starts, as long as our ground game improves a lot! With the help of the new offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan, the new scheme should help the running backs become successful.



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