Nick Markakis Rumors

  Nick Markakis was signed by the Braves in the offseason for a 4year/$44 million contract. Yet the Braves have been receiving  trade offers from teams(not specified). The Braves have reportedly stated that they have no intention of trading him according to MLB’s Mark Bowman. Mark Bowman stated that, “The Braves have received some calls about right fielder Nick Markakis, but they have made it clear he is not available.”, Markakis signed a four-year deal in December. It would look bad for the Braves’ front office if they just shipped off a player 8 months after they got him. Some fans do say it would make sense if they got rid of him in the next few years.

Markakis, 31, is getting older and will be in his mid-thirties when the contract is over. He’s closer to 35 than 25 so father time isn’t on his side, but he still has some good years left. Nick Markakis is batting .289 with 103 hits and 32RBI so it looks like he will have at least one more productive season. The Braves have stated that they do not want to trade him but we’ll have to see in the next couple years if that salary brings them down. If the Braves are lookig toward 2017 and 2018 then this could be a possibility in the future.


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