Matt Wisler Performance

                      If you’re a Braves fan then you have probably heard of Matt Wisler. He’s the new kid on the block and he’s doing great. He’s 3-0 in July with a 3.52 ERA, and he’s 4-1 overall(3.60ERA). He came in a trade with the Padres and so far it has paid off, Matt Wisler is a very mature pitcher in the eyes of manager Fredi Gonzalez. Gonzalez said that, “When he’s on the mound you can feel that there’s a presence there”, Fredi Gonzalez praises Wisler constantly because Matt could be the next big thing. 

Matt Wisler is still only 22 and he won’t turn 23 until September so he has a lot of time to improve. He isn’t known for his strikeout ability because frankly, he doesn’t strike batters out a lot. He has 23K’s in 35 innings pitched, he is the type of pitcher that uses the pitch-to-contact technique so his technique makes him susceptible to letting hits be allowed(37 hits allowed so far). Another reason for letting hits be allowed is that he uses his fastball most of the time.

Wisler’s fastball rarely tops 94MPH and his slider is good but it’s just not top level yet. He mainly uses his fastball and slider but he does have a pretty good breaking ball. Fredi Gonzalez said, “Yesterday he really pitched with one pitch for five innings — his fastball. His breaking ball didn’t come out until the sixth inning. But there’s something else about him that gives him an edge or gives him a little extra that you don’t think he’s a rookie. And I think the way he composes himself around the four days that he doesn’t pitch. When he gets on the mound there’s a presence there.”. Matt has great potential and if he reaches that potential, he could become an ace on the Braves. Wisler is confident that he won’t go back to the G-Braves, he said, “I feel like as long as I keep going out there and performing the way I know I can, I think I’ll stay up here. I’m not really worried about that,”. He seems very confident about his future as a great pitcher in the MLB. Matt has beat established pitchers like Doug Fister and Jacon DeGrom, so his future looks bright.


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