Reasons Why The Trade For Tim Hardaway JR. Was A Good Trade

The are numerous reasons why the trade of the Hawks 19th pick for New York’s Tim Hardaway Jr, son of 5x NBA All-Star Tim Hardaway Sr, was a good trade, here are a few.
Number 1: Over his two years in the NBA he’s averaged 20 minutes per game, and despite little minutes he still averages 10 points per game. He also shoots 30% from behind-the-arc, and 40% from the inside. He adds depth to the shooting guard spot, giving a great back up to 3-point shooter Kyle Korver, who had an amazing 2014-2015 season with the Hawks.
Number 2: He’s still developing. He’s still young and he has a lot of time to develop into an all star talent. We never know when he will peak, but so far it’s looking like when he’s at his peak he could be a starter.
Number 3: He fits into the Hawks Playstyle. The Hawks like to have the Point Guard bring it down the court to find someone in the paint or someone open for the 3. Him and Korver might just be the shooting guards to do that.
There are ten reasons why the Tim Hardaway Jr. Trade was a great trade for the Hawks, but only time will tell.


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