Julio Jones Contract Update

The Atlanta Falcons might be able to resign Julio Jones before the start of training camp like they were able to accomplish with Matt Ryan. Although the Falcons have not done as much work on Julio’s deal as they did on Matt’s the market is basically set with the recent signings of Dez Bryant, and Demaryius Thomas. Joel Corry expects Julio to receive a contract 15.25 million dollars a year, currently Julio is being paid 10.176 million dollars for the upcoming season, if for some reason the Falcons do not resign Julio this year they will, barring any extreme event slap the franchise tag on him for the 2016 season, and then make the final decision on his contract the following off-season. Personally, I would like the Falcons let Julio play this year out to see if he can stay healthy for an entire year, and then slap the franchise on him next year, or resign him to a long term deal. In this day and age the teams have all the leverage on the players, so there is no reason to rush into this contract with a player, who has a track record of injuries.

photo credits: http://www.zimbio.com/Julio+Jones/pictures/pro?Page=4


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