Atlanta Hawks Look To Move

Immediately after Tony Ressler bought the Hawks, he is already looking into moving the team, or renovating Philips arena. The good news for Hawks fans is the Hawks will stay in Atlanta. Tony Ressler has met with Mayor Reed to discuss the possibility of moving to another facility. Mr. Reed indicated that he was very satisfied with how the first meeting went, and said, “What I’m willing to do is come to the table with a plan that makes sense and is fair to the people of Atlanta.” Ressler made it clear from day one that he wanted to move the team when he said, “There’s do-nothing. There’s remodel. Or there’s a new arena, Do-nothing is not an option.” Philips arena is sixteen years old, which makes it the twelfth oldest arena in the NBA; however, personally I believe that Phillips arena is more than sufficient, and that nothing needs to be done as of now. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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