Atlanta Braves trade deadline

  There have been articles about the Braves’ trade rumors and they have been escalating. Cameron Maybin, Chris Johnson, Jonny Gomes, and Julio Teheran have been the big names. You’ve probably heard about the Chris Johnson trade, since the Braves have been very public about it. Both the Braves and Chris Johnson want to part ways, Chris Johnson said that he spoke with manager Fredi Gonzalez and they mutually decided to part ways. The Cameron Maybin trade is one of the more unlikely trades to happen since he has been a hitting force for the Braves(.284AVG, 8HR, and 45RBI). There is a big possibility that Jonny Gomes will be traded, he hasn’t been bad this season and if the trade happen it will probably be just to see what the Braves can get.

The pitchers have been in the eye of teams looking for trades for a while. Jason Grilli(out for season with achilles injury) was in trade talks before he got injured, Jim Johnson has been in the storm too since he is a veteran who’s contract will run out this season. Now to Julio Teheran… the Braves ace has peaked the interest of many teams. The Braves are not thought to trade Teheran until the offseason if they do. The Braves are likely to make a trade based on their position in all of this but don’t count on it. We’ll have to wait and see what they do. 



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