Could the Braves Trade Uribe?

There are multiple reports that the Braves are currently shopping Juan Uribe for a mid-range prospect. This may seem like like an unusual trade to most (considering that the Braves acquired Uribe not that long ago), but this proposed trade would make a lot of sense. The Braves have supposedly spoken with the Mets, Pirates, Nationals, and Giants about a possible deal that would bring a mid-range prospect to Atlanta. These contenders would definitely find value in Uribe’s veteran bat as well as his clubhouse presence. As for the Braves, they would be able to unload the remaining $3 million on Uribe’s contract and gain a decent prospect to add to their resurgent farm system. In my opinion, the Braves should try their absolute best to complete this trade before the deadline, as there is no harm in unloading $3 million dollars and gaining a prospect in the process. It is  clear that the Braves do not have a real chance at contending, and this trade would fit perfectly into John Hart’s plans for the future of this program. So, why not? What do you think of this proposed trade? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section! 


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