Braves Sign Manager Fredi Gonzalez to 1-Year Extension

Fredi Gonzalez looks to prove himself as a capbale leader with his contract extension.

Fredi Gonzalez looks to prove himself as a capable leader with his contract extension.

The Atlanta Braves’ front office and current manager, Fredi Gonzalez, have agreed on a one year contract extension. This extension will have Gonzalez back as the manager for the 2016 season, and it also includes a team option to bring him back for the 2017 season.

Atlanta’s ownership has decided that there is not a warranted reason to kick Fredi to the curb to try and get things back on track, especially the success Gonzalez and the Braves have had over the past four and a half seasons, even though this has been his worst season since he took over Bobby Cox’s mantle. The first three seasons saw the Braves’ win percentage close to 60 percent, and in the past two, including the current season, has seen that percentage drop below 50 percent.

It seems that things are starting to go bad for Gonzalez, but keep in mind that the Braves traded away both of the Upton brothers, Evan Gattis, and Craig Kimbrel, arguably the best relief pitcher in baseball. Atlanta’s star first basemen, Freddie Freeman, has also been on the disabled list since July 17.

Even though Atlanta lost a lot in the offseason, and are still dealing with injuries to their squad, they are 42-47, close to having their win percentage back at 50 percent. Fredi Gonzalez has not been given a long term deal so he will likely have to prove that he can still lead this team to success.


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