Braves Sign Jason Frasor

The Braves have recently announced the signing of right-handed reliever Jason Frasor. Frasor was recently released by the Royals, despite compliling a 1.54 ERA in his tenure. At 37 years old, Frasor can still help replenish the bullpen after the loss of its crown jewel, Jason Grilli. Additionally, it has been suggested that Frasor was signed in order to replace Jim Johnson (who is rumored to be on the trading block). Either way, Frasor will definitely have something paintings to offer for this woeful bullpen. While he cannot make up for the loss of Grilli, Frasor will definitely help the Braves get through some innings (as he can pitch two or more innings in a game). It is also noteworthy that Frasor was being scouted by other teams before the Braves picked him up. In my opinion, this was a good signing. At this point, I am happy with anything that the Braves can do to help this bullpen.  Even if Frasor is not lights-out, he can definitely contribute something to the bullpen. What do you thing about the signing of Jason Flasor? Leave your thoughts in the comments section! 


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