Can Bronson Arroyo Contribute This Season? 

Last month, the Braves acquired Bronson Arroyo and Touki Toussaint for Phill Gosselin. The Diamondbacks included Arroyo in order to rid themselves of his rather expensive contract. Arroyo underwent Tommy John surgery last year, and many  fans are wondering whether or not Arroyo can make an impact this season. He is not expected to return until early August, but it will take even longer for him to return to his full potential. This, he will likely not be able to contribute until mid to late August. Even so, it will be nice to have a veteran arm towards the end of the season (if the Braves are in wildcard or playoff contention). Given Arroyo’s age, however, many fans are still unsure if he will actually return to his full potential. However, Arroyo has been solid over the past few seasons, and, at 38 years old, there is not reason why Arroyo should not have at least a little gas left in his tank. Even if he cannot contribute next season, there is no real reason why Arroyo cannot contribute something to this team in the last few months of the season. What is your opinion? Do you think Arroyo can continue this season? Leave your thoughts in the comments section! 


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