Freddie Freeman Update

There is not an exact timetable, but it appears as if Freddie Freeman will try to return just before August. It was previously thought that he would return around the All-Star break, so Freeman’s estimated time of return has actually been pushed back by almost a week. Even so, this does not make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. Before Freeman can return to the Majors, he will likely have a few rehab games in Gwinnett. This, in turn, makes the timetable even more uncertain. As mentioned in my previous article, the Braves need to fill the void left by Freeman. They have managed to do surprisingly well during Freeman’s absence, but they could be doing a lot better if Freeman’s bat was in the lineup. As long as the batters continue to be efficient while Freeman is on the DL, however, the Braves should be just fine until he can return. Nevertheless, when Freeman does return (whenever that may be), we will definitely be able to notice an increase in the production of the lineup. Perhaps Freeman’s return will even help the Braves stay above the .500 mark. What are your thoughts on this topic? Please leave a comment! 


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