Rookie Running Back Tevin Coleman Positive of Starting Position


In a lot of Falcons fans’ opinions, the Atlanta Falcons had a great draft. has gave the Falcons a B for their 7 picks! One of the picks that they were most excited about was the 3rd round pick (73rd overall) Tevin Coleman. Coleman is 22 years old, and as a senior last season at Indiana University, he gained 2,036 yards on the ground and 15 touchdowns.

One of Walter Football’s own, Charlie Campbell said Coleman was a “potential boom pick” and gave the Falcons an A for stealing him at No. 73. “I love this pick,” Campbell said about Coleman. “First of all, Tevin Coleman should’ve gone earlier than this. He could have easily been chosen at the beginning of the previous round, so I think he’s a steal at No. 73.”

When Coleman first arrived to Flowery Branch, he made an interesting first impression when he said he was Atlanta’s number one running back. I do not believe this was an act of cockiness, but I do believe he said this to show that he means business and to give himself faith. Most people are saying that he will only have to go through Devonta Freeman to get his starting position, but don’t leave out Antone Smith who is a powerhouse, but he will hit the 30 year mark later this season.

Charlie Campbell also said Coleman could be the next Michael Turner. He didn’t compare the two backs because their style of play. He compared them, to see if Coleman can bring the running game back to Atlanta. Campbell’s words were “I wouldn’t be surprised if Coleman helps the Falcons re-establish a ground element like they had when Michael Turner was there to supply the ground offense.”

I will be perfectly fine if either of the three running backs start, but the one thing that I do care is that, one of them can produce.



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