How Will the Freddie Freeman Injury Affect the Braves? 

All Braves fans are currently experiencing the pain of losing Freddie Freeman to a wrist injury. Freeman himself stated that he will not return until after the All-Star break. This makes the pain even worse. But, how much will the temporary loss of Freddie Freeman affect the Braves? It is highly likely that the offense will lose efficiency. Considering Freeman is the best slugger on the team, it is certainly hard to imagine offensive production increasing. Although the offense will definitely experience a decline, it will not be as bad as many people think. The offense has faced adversity throughout the entire season. After the Heyward and Upton trades, most fans thought the offense would be close to terrible. Thus, we were all very very surprised when the offense actually improved. However, what led to this improvement? Basically, the entire offense came together as a team and stood up in the face of adversity. Now, they have to do this again. Since Freeman’s injury, the offense has certainly has their struggles. But, in last night’s game, the offense finally broke out of their shell and showed that they can continue to have success without Freeman. We cannot tell just yet if they can continue to move on without Freeman, but I certainly like to think that they can overcome adversity once again. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. Go Braves! 


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