Could the Hawks Make a Surprise Move? 

Almost every Hawks fan is secretly hoping that the new management will make a “big” move to kick off the new era of Hawks basketball. While the Hawks can make a surprise move, it is not very likely. Even though we would all love to have LaMarcus Aldridge or Tobias Harris, the Hawks have no need to alter their current roster with the acquisition of a superstar. It would be better if the Hawks stick to acquiring players who know the system and can boost the overall chemistry of the team. Tiago Splitter, for example, is a great player who knows Budenholzer’s system even though he is not quite a “superstar. In my opinion, this is perfectly fine. The Hawks do not have to add a superstar to continue their success. As long as the management sticks to obtaining more players who can contribute to the overall system, they do not need to make a surprise move to have continued success. But, this is just my opinion. It is very hard to predict the plans of a team during the madness of free agency. After all, anything can happen. What is your opinion? Leave your thoughts in the comments section! 


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